(To be completed by Property Owner at Service Premises “Owner”)




THIS RIGHT OF ENTRY INSTALLATION ACCESS AGREEMENT (“Access Agreement”), is entered into at Hudson, Ohio, as of this                                                           (“Effective Date”)

by and between the CITY OF HUDSON, dba VELOCITY BROADBAND, a municipal corporation in Ohio (collectively, “Hudson”) and                                                                             the owner(s) (“Owner”) of the real Property located at

                                                (Summit County Parcel No.________) (“Property”)


For good and valuable consideration to Owner (and in accordance with Hudson and Owner (or Owner’s tenant) entering into a contract for the provision of Velocity Broadband Services), the receipt of which is hereby acknowledged, the Owner does hereby authorize Hudson, its employees, agents, and contractors to enter upon the Property for the purpose of performing the following work and other work incidental thereto: Ingress/egress of equipment; maintenance; labor and materials for work on the property as required for construction of new conduit, pull boxes, fiber optic cable, interior and exterior building network wiring, and associated hardware. Construction of new conduit for fiber optic cable may be done via a combination of open cut and underground boring of conduit. Hudson will reasonably repair any damage to the Property that is directly and solely caused by Hudson’s performance of the above work on the Property.



For the consideration above named, Owner hereby releases and agrees to hold harmless the City of Hudson, Velocity Broadband and their respective appointed and elected officials, employees, and authorized agents from any and all damage or claims of damages resulting by reason of Hudson’s access to the property or Hudson’s performance of the above-described work. It is understood that all contractors engaged for the purpose of performing the above-described work are independent contractors, and, as such, they are solely responsible for damages or claims of damages arising from their performance of the work. It is further understood that the City of Hudson and/or Velocity Broadband assumes no obligation for the continued maintenance of the Property after completion of the above-described installation work. This Access Agreement shall remain in effect for thirty-six (36) consecutive months from the date and year first written above.



IN WITNESS WHEREOF, Owner has caused this Access Agreement to be signed as of the date and year first written above.



Signature: ______________________________________­­




By:                                                                                   (Name)


Entity:                                                                            (Company)


Its:                                                                          (Title)




Please return form to:

City of Hudson, attention: Velocity Broadband

In person:  1140 Terex Rd, Hudson, OH 44236

Fax:  330.650.6756