Hudson's Fiber-Optic Broadband Network 

What is Velocity Broadband?

As one of Ohio's first Gigabit cities, Hudson offers symmetrical high-speed, 100% fiber-optic broadband and voice services to our local businesses. With faster, more reliable, and affordable internet and voice services, we empower our local businesses to compete in today's high-speed, data-driven world. To learn more about Fiber, Click Here. In fact, City-owned and operated Velocity Broadband provides speeds up to 10 gigabits per second!


Your Business Can Soar at the Speed of Light with Velocity Broadband

Velocity Broadband's 100% fiber-optic broadband network has a secure and stable data operations center managed by IT professionals. The redundancy built into the system helps make sure we never lose connection. Reliable, Safe, and Secure

Personalized Customer Service

When you call Velocity Broadband, you will speak to real, local people who care about your Hudson business. Our certified customer service specialists will work to give you the best service from sign up, to installation, and you can rely on us throughout your time as a Velocity Broadband client. Though we love hearing from you, we have a feeling you won't need to call us very often!

Flexible and Customizable

With our fiber-optic solution, we can quickly and easily turn your bandwidth up or down to meet your business needs, something you can't get from any other provider. We offer speeds ranging from 100x100 megabits per second up to 10 Gigabits per second

Value Added Opportunities

In addition to our 1 Gig service, we also provide dark fiber, redundant fiber, and dedicated fiber options for business customers as well. Many major employers require this tier of service to support critical operations.  Did you know nearly half of our Velocity broadband customers also rely on us for digital voice services?  Our responsive, attentive customer focus staff based here in Hudson will exceed your expectations for support and service.

Affordable and Attainable

Hudson values its businesses and wants to ensure all Hudson businesses can compete in today's technological world. Call us to trouble shoot or make recommendations on your technology needs.  We are here to help. Velocity Broadband has pricing that makes this goal attainable for each business and will fit every need and budget. Oh, and you get far more bandwidth for your buck than with current copper or DSL connections. We think the choice is a no-brainer.

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Broadband Offerings - Fiber to the Premises

250/250 Mbps Recommended for 1 - 5 employees*
300/300 Mbps 5 - 15 employees*
500/500 Mbps 15 - 35 employees*
100/1000 Mbps (Gigabit) 35 employees+ *
10 Gigabit Enterprise


*Recommended numbers are estimated based on heavy usage by all employees

Voice Services

Business Phone Line with Premium Feature Package

$25 analog replacement VoIP phone lines. No new equipment needed 

*See User Guide for Features List

Quick Start Guide

Unlimited Nationwide Long Distance OR Metered Calling options

$5 for the unlimited Nationwide calling package OR

Per call billing with low minute-based rates

Residential Phone Line with Premium Feature Package and Unlimited Long Distance


 *See User Guide for Features List 

Quick Start Guide

SIP Trunks with Call Paths $20 per Call Path. Using your own SIP Trunk compatible equipment
Analog Fax Line Replacement $25
Virtual Fax $20
Hosted PBX Custom quotes available



Referral Program - Tell Your Business Colleagues and Get Rewarded!

For Current Velocity for Business Customers

Receive $50 off your next bill for each Hudson business that signs up for Velocity Broadband service due to your referral. Make sure they mention your name when signing up for service so you will receive credit.

Referral Program Terms & Conditions

  • The $50 credit will be issued on your first bill after the new customer's service has been activated.
  • There is no limit to the number of referrals that can be given, however monthly credit is limited to the highest value of the original customer's monthly bill (before taxes and fees.)
  • Only current Velocity Broadband customers are eligible for referral credit.

Partnership Opportunities

Landlords, Property Managers, and IT Professionals

Contact Velocity Broadband at 330-342-9544 or via email to learn about our partnership opportunities.



Our experience with Velocity Broadband has been fantastic. The biggest differences are the reliability, quality, and speed of the service. We have noticed a dramatic improvement, especially with our VoIP phone system. Managing Director at Stratos Wealth Partners Mark Wilcox

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