Velocity Broadband Isn't Just for Business Anymore

Fiber LineVelocity Broadband Fiber Line Map - Click to Enlarge

The City of Hudson has announced that all homes and home offices along the existing City-owned and operated fiber line are now eligible to sign up for Velocity Broadband internet and phone service. The goal of Velocity Broadband is to enable connectivity and commerce at unparalleled speeds.

Those interested in signing up for service are invited to visit to determine if your location is within the target fiber line areas. Installations will be implemented in waves according to predetermined zones in the coming months. Details on timing of installations are not yet available, however updates will be provided as they are finalized. If you are interested in this coming service, a sign-up form is available on the website or call 330-342-9544 for more information.

City Council also passed legislation that places Velocity Broadband into an enterprise fund. In governmental accounting, an enterprise fund is a fund that provides goods or services for a fee that makes the goods or services self-supporting. This also provides additional transparency as it separates the financial results of Velocity Broadband from other City operations.

About Velocity Broadband

Velocity Broadband provides a level of speed and reliability not currently available to customers in Hudson. By leveraging our existing 60-mile fiber network, we empower our community and optimize our fiber investment while providing the fastest, most reliable internet service there is at competitive rates.


March 6, 2019