Customer Spotlight: Verizon Wireless


Our Small Businesses make Hudson, Ohio great!

Kenneth L., Co-Owner of Verizon Wireless of Hudson says, "When we moved into the Acme Shopping Plaza two years ago, Velocity Broadband was our first Internet Service Provider at the new location. We chose Velocity because of the price point, they were a local initiative, and the service and speed they offered was what we needed. Since week one at our new location, Velocity has been flawless.

Every successful business needs reliable tools. Velocity has been just that - reliable! I will always recommend businesses that do what they do well. My list of those businesses is pretty short, however Velocity is absolutely on that list!"

Velocity Broadband thanks you for all of the services you provide and is proud to serve and keep Verizon of Hudson's business humming along. Contact us to find out how Velocity Broadband can help your business succeed.  #SupportLocalBusiness 




April 30, 2021