Customer Spotlight: Sal's Barbershop

Sal’s Barbershop….Old School Barber with new school ways.  If you haven’t visited Sal’s Barbershop located in Hudson, you really need to make a visit.   Founded in 2014 on Main Street in the heart of Hudson, Ohio, the modern barbershop team at Sal’s is making lots of customers very happy. They offer the very best haircuts, serving everyone from youngsters to oldsters, no matter what your style might be.  Haircuts include a straight-razor neck shave, a steaming hot towel, and any other hair maintenance you might need!  All a part of your finished, new look.


Owner Nick Pollice always takes the best care of his customers. He wanted to make sure his customers had access to the fastest internet possible while inside his Hudson business. He had heard a lot of great comments in the community about Velocity Broadband and decided to look into it for his business.  He couldn’t be happier with his decision! Nick says, “There has not been even a hiccup with Velocity.   Signing up was a breeze and installation went smoothly.  Velocity is always very responsive with any help I may need. I am so proud to recommend Velocity to everyone!”


                “Velocity helps us run our business with ease  and also enables us to give our customers a great  experience too while on our Wi-Fi” says Nick.    Visit Sal’s Barber shop at 234 N. Main Street in Hudson.  Give Sal’s a call soon to set up your own appointment at 330-653-8988 and take a virtual tour on their website 


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September 1, 2023