Customer Spotlight: Informediate


Our Small Businesses make Hudson, Ohio great!

Informediate offers high value technology solutions for wholesale distributors solutions that turn your data into an asset instead of an obstacle, empowers you and your business, and support operational efficiency.  From robust enterprise resource planning software to specialized consulting services with our responsive, accessible, personal, and dedicated service: Informediate is ready to be your partner in technology solutions.

Mark D. Kaucic, Managing Director, "We are very pleased with Velocity's gigabit broadband service in our new Hudson, Ohio location. We increased our downstream bandwidth by more than 10x on average and our upstream by more than 100x at about the same price we were paying before for Time Warner's Business Class service. Of course, speed is of limited value without reliability. We have been using Velocity Broadband for more than three months now, and the reliability has been excellent so far.

For a software company like ours where reliable and affordable broadband is crucial to almost everything we do, we feel very fortunate and "internet rich" to be benefactors of such excellent service. Kudos to the City of Hudson for having the insight and savvy to capitalize on this opportunity to serve its businesses."

Velocity Broadband thanks you for all of the services you provide and is proud to serve and keep Informediate's business humming along. Contact us to find out how Velocity Broadband can help your business succeed.  #SupportLocalBusiness 



April 30, 2021