Customer Spotlight - Hudson Knoll

Our Small Businesses make Hudson Ohio great!
And Property Managers TRUST #VelocityBroadband to respect their property and deliver excellent service to their tenants!

The Hudson Knoll, located adjacent to Acme Plaza at 56 Milford Drive, is a 30 unit office facility that caters to small businesses and professional services providers. Their centralized location, makes it an ideal location for tenants and their clients. They offer a community feel with small one person offices, up to spaces that support four to five people. If you are in need of office space, please contact Eric Gorze at (216) 704-0807.

Velocity Broadband is proud to serve and keep the Hudson Knoll businesses humming along.
Contact us to find out how Velocity Broadband can help your business succeed!



October 14, 2020