Customer Spotlight: Holy Trinity Church

 Holy Trinity Church is a parish in the Anglican Church in North America. A traditional Episcopal Church that uses the Book of Common Prayer.  Holy Trinity Church is both catholic and reformed, historic and relevant, biblical and rational. The community welcomes people from all ages and walks of life.

Communicating with parishioners and the Hudson community via video and digital methods is essential to Holy Trinity Church. They required a broadband internet provider they could trust and rely on. Two years ago, Fr. Joe Boysel contacted Velocity Broadband Internet to learn more about their service. On the day of installation, the church was enjoying blazing fast internet before lunch!  

Fr. Boysel is extremely pleased with the power Velocity provides and the customer service is top notch. Fr. Boysel says, “Not only is Velocity more reliable and faster than our prior provider, but we also now have internet access throughout our entire building.   With our prior provider, we only had internet access to half of our facilities. I would heartily recommend Velocity to everyone in Hudson.”

Fr. Joe Boysel invites everyone to visit Holy Trinity Church at 55 Atterbury Blvd in Hudson.
Learn more at or call them at 330-342-0429.


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May 1, 2024