Customer Spotlight: Henning Industrial Software

Henning Software provides high-quality software development services to a wide variety of small and medium manufacturing businesses.  Rich and Billie Henning’s expertise in manufacturing and computer software led them to found Henning Software in 1990. Their innovative products have supported clients across the United States and throughout the world for 25 years. Henning Software depends on Velocity Broadband to service their customers.

Henning Software has been a Velocity Broadband customer since 2016, adding Velocity Voice Services earlier this year.  Their prior provider was discontinuing their service for copper-wire telecom networks. Research on other available options led them back to Velocity Broadband!  Billie Henning said,” I was nervous at first because I didn’t want the transition to disrupt the service for our customers, however the transition to Velocity Broadband Voice Services was smooth!  No downtime!  Maureen, Will and the rest of the Velocity team went above and beyond to make sure things went smoothly!”  Henning also commented, “We've never had outages as we did with our old provider. And we also have not had disruption of service due to storms, failing equipment or network updates.”

“I would recommend Velocity Broadband 110% to anyone thinking about switching providers. Velocity takes the worry and concern out of the process and provides us with the best voice and the fastest internet service possible.”

Velocity Broadband is proud to serve all of our local businesses!
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October 5, 2022