Customer Spotlight: Ault Chiropractic


Our Small Businesses make Hudson, Ohio great!

Ault Chiropractic has been Creating an Outstanding Patient Experience® for the past 13 years. Drs. Ault focus on conservative care for musculoskeletal health conditions, such as low back pain, neck pain, headaches, sciatica, and many others.  In addition, Drs. Ault offer pre-natal and pediatric chiropractic, animal chiropractic, and sports medicine.

Dr. Rebecca Ault states that “our offices rely on digital scheduling, digital medical records, and digital x-ray units.  We literally would not be able to run our business without the high speed and efficiency of Velocity Broadband.  We used to have dropped internet coverage and painfully slow speeds all the time with our previous internet provider, since having Velocity Broadband, we don’t have to stress about these issues anymore.”

Dr. Robert Ault explains “we have been very fortunate to be essential health providers during the Covid-19 pandemic.  One of the most common reasons to visit any type of doctor is for the treatment of back pain.  We have been able to help improve our communities’ health and wellbeing by treating our patients’ musculoskeletal complaints and keeping hospitals and medical offices able to focus on Covid-19 patients.”

Velocity Broadband thanks you for all of the services you provide and is proud to serve and keep Ault's business humming along. Contact us to find out how Velocity Broadband can help your business succeed.  #SupportLocalBusiness 



April 30, 2021