Customer Spotlight - ALTTRAN


 Our Small Businesses make Hudson, Ohio great!

 ALTTRAN specializes in clean and consistent custom rubber mixing for color rubber and black rubber compounds. They are bridging the technical gap in the rubber industry. With an experienced, industry-leading technical team that has the knowledge and skill to improve quality and performance of your rubber product. Therefore, the efficiencies of their systems reduce scrap rates, and lower cost while maintaining consistent physical properties.

Mandie Pugh, Office Manager, ALTTRAN, Inc. told us “We have a lot of employees working remotely and realized we needed to upgrade the speed of our internet.  Our current provider was unable to increase our speed. Our previous download speeds at one point were around 15 MG and upload speed was less than 1 MG. I contacted Velocity and they had exactly what we needed.  We had always wanted to use Velocity, since it was local, but we were afraid the transition would be a hassle for the business.“

When we asked about that transition and how it went, Mandie said it was: “Great!  We were up and running within a day!  It worked out perfectly. Velocity Broadband has made our lives easier and more efficient.  Customer service has been nothing but a pleasure to deal with.  I can't say enough about the comparison from our previous provider.”

“I would like to say thank you for making this happen so quickly and smoothly.  We were to the point where we could barely use our computers from the office or home.  In such crazy times, Velocity took the crazy out and made it happen.  We are so appreciative.”

Mandie says they would recommend Velocity Broadband, “110%”.

Velocity Broadband thanks you for all of the services you provide and is proud to serve and keep ALTTRAN's business humming along. Contact us to find out how Velocity Broadband can help your business succeed.  #SupportLocalBusiness 



May 4, 2021