Customer Spotlight: Securus Insurance Agency

Securus Insurance Agency started in 2016 with a passion for making the complexity of commercial insurance simple. They are an independent agency specializing in manufacturing, contractors, social services, non-profit organizations, and tech companies. Jeffrey Shupe is the Agency Owner of Securus Insurance Agency and has been doing business in Hudson for 3 years. 

Jeffrey was looking for an internet provider that could offer high speed and reliability. Insurance work involves a great deal of application uploads and policy downloads. Speed really matters! Velocity Broadband  was an easy choice for Securus. Jeff says "My equipment functions really well - no hiccups or outages. The speed is much faster than with my prior provider. Notifications, communications, and customer service are very solid. I would absolutely recommend Velocity to other companies or residents."

Jeff shared a great story with us while discussing his experience with Velocity. Another provider stopped by to solicit their Internet/Phone Systems. Once they found out that Securus was already signed up with Velocity Broadband, they quickly said goodbye...  There is no way they could compete with the speed and great pricing of Velocity!

We thank Securus Insurance Agency for being part of the Velocity Broadband Community!


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January 4, 2022