Customer Spotlight: Nourish Whole-Person Coaching


Nourish C&C, LLC is a whole-person coaching and mindfulness support resource, established in 2020 by Shannon Speaks, LISW-S. Shannon’s mission is to partner with caregivers of all kinds who have been busy filling all the other cups AND who are ready to include their own cup in the mix!

After working in healthcare for nearly three decades, Shannon understands the complex dynamics of being human. She is a caregiver ready to share her techniques and tips to help you take care of yourself along with those around you. Whole-person coaching with Nourish C&C gives people a place to process thoughts and feelings, discover insights, experience accountability and take transformational action.

Nourish clients include hard-working hospital staff, dedicated teachers, curious students, loyal school administrators, caring parents, innovative business owners, and every-day-people ready to find balance, peace and fulfillment in every-day-life.

Shannon is committed to offering a nourishing, safe, kind and compassionate space for those with whom she partners.

How Velocity Broadband helps Shannon’s business thrive…

Shannon states, “I imagine that having a reliable connection to the internet is a priority for all Velocity Broadband customers. Since the connection between myself and my clients is the heart of my business, you can imagine how important it is to have a strong internet connection for virtual sessions!

As a Social Worker, Mindfulness Teacher and Life Coach I spend much of my time connecting virtually with my clients. Building trust and safety is critical. Thanks to Velocity Broadband, I can create a safe, reliable, virtual space for my 1:1 and group clients.

I also have the honor of leading live mindfulness sessions online. Since many of us are already distracted by our own thoughts, it helps that I don’t have to worry about the extra distraction of choppy internet service! Once again, thanks to Velocity Broadband I can lead these sessions with ease.

Recently I moved offices to the first floor to make my space more physically accessible for those I serve. Velocity Broadband was swift and dependable in making the change. My workflow didn’t miss a beat!
Most meaningful of all has been my connection to the people behind the service. They are kind, highly competent and dependable. The team at the City of Hudson demonstrates a sincere investment in my success as a business owner in Hudson. It’s an honor to partner with Velocity Broadband.”


Nourish C&C is located in The Hudson Knoll, 56 Milford Drive.
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February 1, 2023