Customer Spotlight - About350 Creative

Based in historic Hudson, About350 Creative provides graphic design, website design, branding, digital advertising, SEO, SEM, and creative consulting services for companies of all sizes. They work to tailor a marketing plan and create an original design that reflects your company, product or brand in the best light. Whether they have established brand guidelines or are building a new business, they  help their clients make a positive and lasting impact in their market.

Eric Hancsak, President & Creative Director at About 350 Creative, chose Velocity Broadband as their internet service provider 8 months ago because the "Price and speed is unmatched, it was an easy choice."  " We do a fair amount work with larger digital files like high-resolution photos and videos. The upload/download speeds have been staggeringly fast, and have freed up time for other work, while saving me around 25% on my connectivity bills. A video file that used to take, in some cases, multiple hours to upload, now takes minutes."

"Customer service is quick, personal, and knowledgeable, with a genuine concern for our satisfaction.  Changing technologies and/or providers can sometimes be tricky. With Velocity, the transition was seamless. Literally over night my upload/download speeds more than doubled, while I was saving money."

We asked Eric if he would recommend Velocity Broadband, his answer, "Most definitely. I mean, how can you argue with drastically faster speeds for less money?".

 Velocity Broadband thanks you for all of the services you provide and is proud to serve and keep About350 Creative's business humming along. Contact us to find out how Velocity Broadband can help your business succeed.  #SupportLocalBusiness 



July 6, 2021