Leadership Team

Will Ersing
Chief Broadband Officer

Hudson's Chief Broadband Officer (CBO) Will Ersing, a Hudson native, utilizes his 14 years of IT experience to manage the City of Hudson's fiber-optic broadband service Velocity Broadband. Ersing was an integral part of building the service from the ground up, and in turn securing Hudson's spot as one of Ohio's first Gigabit cities.

What does a Chief Broadband Officer do?
As a CBO I facilitate the day-to-day oversight and future direction of Velocity Broadband, the City of Hudson’s fiber-optic broadband service. My three primary duties are making sure the daily operations are running smoothly, coordinating staff and resources to connect customers, and planning for the future direction of Velocity Broadband. The telecom and internet market is always adjusting as new technology becomes available and old technology becomes unsupported, therefore my role is to work with City staff, Council, and most importantly our customers to make sure Velocity Broadband is at the forefront of emerging technology.
What's your favorite part of your job?
I have two favorite parts - working with current and future customers to solve their internet and connectivity issues, and getting outside with our crews to find more efficient and effective ways to deliver our services.
What big projects are you working on right now?
Right now we have many projects going on. The first and foremost is continuing to connect businesses that are along our fiber route and making sure our services are delivered on time. The second project involves working with our vendors and outside crews to look at ways we can add more resiliency and reliability into our network. Additionally, our team is looking at software and workflows to make sure we efficient, effective, and capable of scaling to fit the future needs of our customers. The fourth and final project is the continued deployment of our new service Velocity Broadband Blue. We are now offering this ultrafast 1 Gig service to all homes and home offices along our existing fiber network for only $68 a month.
Favorite thing to do outside of work?
While it depends on the time of year, I enjoy getting outside to bike or hike in the national park, brewing beer, jumping in the car for a Sunday drive, or getting to spend any amount of time playing with my family. When I do have some free time and nothing to do, I’ll setup software and hardware to try and come up with problems to solve or I’ll grab a a bowl of Cheez-Its and binge watch something on Netflix.
Fun fact about you?
My wife and I are big foodies and we love to go out for drinks and appetizers when we get the opportunity. It’s a bonus if the restaurant or bar has a really warm indoor atmosphere in the winter or an outdoor patio in the summer and fall.



Maureen Reich
Customer Experience Manager

Maureen Reich, Velocity Broadband's Customer Experience Ambassador, has been with the City of Hudson since the birth of it's high-speed, fiber-optic broadband service in 2015. With strong experience in operations, accounting, and administration, and a passion for delivering exceptional customer service, Maureen has the skills and knowledge needed to take care of the Velocity Broadband customers and daily operations.

What does a Customer Experience Ambassador do?
I am usually the first contact for our Hudson Business Community. I love to share my passion for the exceptional services offered through our City of Hudson Velocity Broadband fiber-optic network. I’m passionate about delivering great service, and work hard to make sure our customers are our priority from Day 1!
What's your favorite part of your job?
I love when a business finds out that the City of Hudson can deliver Velocity Broadband’s state-of-the-art technology to their business, at a fraction of the cost they would expect. I love making a difference. Connecting a new customer and making a big difference in their work-life confirms that our service is a great value.
What big projects are you working on right now?
Our team is very excited to collaborate on our efforts to streamline systems. We are preparing for growth and working to make sure all of our systems are efficient. While it doesn’t sound exciting, working together as a team and creating the best customer experience from initial inquiry to installation is highly important to us. We’re mission-driven, and always looking for ways to deliver the best service possible.
Favorite thing to do outside of work?
I’m always busy - my wonderful husband almost has to make appointments to see me! I am very involved in the Cleveland Irish Community – teaching Irish social dancing, giving fiddle lessons, and playing fiddle, mandolin, and banjo in an Irish band called Ballinloch. When I need some chill-time, I love to hike or bike in the national park, watch the birds in my garden, and enjoy a hoppy IPA on my patio. That’s when my hubby finally gets to hang out with me!
Puppies or kittens?
My husband and I have two wonderful Labrador Retrievers name Rocky (Road to Dublin) and Seamus, and a cat named Chloe. Chloe came with her name, otherwise, she would’ve been given an Irish name as well.



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Contact Info:

Velocity@hudson.oh.us or call (330) 342-9544

The installation team was outstanding. They went way above and beyond to make sure we had service working before they left and helped us connect all our devices in the office. Certainly the best service we've ever received from any telecommunications provider. The Kurtz Design Company James Kurtz